Key benefits

Benefits of MbT timer

Set the most efficient row/rotation time

With MbT milkers can set the most efficient row/rotation time for their herd such as MaxT and develop a consistent milking routine.

Watch and monitor milking time

In a herringbone dairy staff can watch the time on the large digital display and know when it is time to take the cups off.  If there is enough time left in the row they can leave cows to load and exit at their own pace. In a rotary dairy the large digital time display allows staff to see time losses from stopping, starting, and reversing the platform, and aim to maintain a consistent platform speed.  The previous rotation time is displayed to milkers for the first 2 minutes of the next rotation. 



Benefits of milking to a set time

Less time milking

Shorter milking routines means less time milking and more time to complete other important tasks like teat spraying, picking on heat cows, touching up tail paint.

Easy to train and maintain simple routines

A set row/rotation time means milkers no longer need to second guess cups off time. Everyone finishes the same time no matter who is milking.  Rotary platform speeds can be set to the required MaxT time or most efficient speed and milkers can use the MbT to help maintain this.

Happier Healthier Cows

Cows spend less time in the farm dairy being milked and more time in the paddock eating grass.

  • Shorter milking times
  • Less time on concrete
  • More time in the paddock eating
  • Better teat health
  • Less risk of mastitis from over-milking

Key features

Large digital row/rotation TIME / DISPLAY

Free milking by time mobile APP

Myth Buster

“Won’t leaving milk in the udder cause mastitis and affect milk production?”

"No, the benefits of shorter milking routines have become more significant. If the correct time is set production volumes, herd health and milk quality will be maintained."