News articles on Milking by Time (MbT) and MaxT milking strategy.

MbT at the 2021 National Fieldays

Date: June 2021

QCONZ is all set up at the National Fieldays in Hamilton ready to showcase our MbT digital row timer and app designed for rotary and herringbone dairies.

Look out for Josh Wheeler and Chris Leach in the Innovation Hub, stand ES17 from 16th  to 19th June.

MbT (Milking by Time) digital row/rotation timer

MbT (Milking by Time) digital row/rotation timer makes it easier to implement a MaxT milking strategy and is fast becoming a must have for all Herringbone and Rotary dairies.

Source: QCONZ news

Milking by Time (MbT) at the National Fieldays

Learn more about the Milking by Time (MbT) device at the National Fieldays, Mystery Creek, Hamilton (16 – 19 June 2021)

Come along and find out how MbT can make a positive impact on your dairy farm operation.

Josh will be in the innovation tent showcasing the MbT and will be available to answer your questions. 

It’s about time & MaxT is the solution

MaxT has made a positive impact to Gordon McFetridge’s dairy farm operation in the Bay of Plenty. Gordon has implemented the MaxT milking strategy and is using the MbT.

Source: DairyNZ Inside Dairy Publication Oct/Nov 2020

No turning back from 3-in-2 & MaxT

Farmer Nick Dowson is full season 3in2 milking and uses the MbT to implement a MaxT milking strategy.

Source: DiaryNZ Website Nov 2020

DairyNZ Milksmart app

DairyNZ’s Milksmart App helps you assess your milking performance, find potential time and labour savings, and calculates a maximum milking time (MaxT) for your farm dairy.  The MbT device helps dairy farmers implement and maintain MaxT milking routines.

Source: DairyNZ website

Busting common MaxT myths

MaxT is the most efficient milking routine for milking cows and the MbT helps
to achieve this. 

Source: DiaryNZ website